Veganism has started as a philosophy.

It is now a societal trend and a business trend.

Consider all the new vegan businesses that are arising every day: vegan food, vegan shoes, vegan leather, vegan alternatives to animal testing, vegan glass visible for birds, animal detection systems embedded in cars. The Vegan Economy is growing. Finance’s purpose is to consider and anticipate business trends and to invest in the best projects. Consequently investors need to know which are the best vegan friendly companies, and companies need to be rated from a vegan viewpoint to know their vegan level in comparison with their peers in order to improve their structure and procedures, and to develop new innovative vegan products and services. Vegan Finance was established to fill a void in the ESG rating industry and to provide information-useful to help investment and business decisions.

Here are some examples of our vegan ratings and reports on some famous companies: APPLE  BOEING BNP PARIBAS  FEDEX L’OREAL  LVMH  PAYPAL SALESFORCE

The rating section contains the ratings and analysis classified by industry. Only the analysis require membership. The free membership is enough to read the analysis of publicly traded company. The paying membership give specific services for investors and companies (for further details see membership section).

The scoring explanations section describes the scoring rules with examples and contains the methodology and video tutorials.

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