Our Approach

Vegan Finance LLC can be seen as a ESG rating agency specialized in veganism / animal-friendliness, or as a vegan / animal-friendly finance club.

An interview from Asset News (Agefi) published in May 2020 describes quite well our activities. A pdf version of this article is also available here.

Our company

Vegan Finance LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered in the United States. Being in the heart of the financial world is a success factor to build the Vegan Economy, especially in the United States which concentrates the biggest companies by market capitalization in the world (source: World Bank’s statistics).

The Limited Liability structure enables to provide legal paid additional services to investors such as premium assistance to specific inquiries related to investment decision-useful information, and to companies such as priority in ratings, analyses, tailored exchanges, faster maintenance of new relevant information, and consulting services in order to minimize risk factors associated to animal exposure and ultimately develop animal-friendly substitutive and innovative vegan services and products.

The generated profits are to be reinvested in new projects: publishing more ratings of companies composing the top US, European and Asian indices, frequently updating analyses that are subject to changes on event, trend, legislation, or business orientation that may happen anytime on an ongoing basis. Therefore making money by defending animals is fully stimulating and compatible with the Vegan Finance and Economy’s spirit.

Our work is aimed to:

  1. Stop animal suffering by redirecting financial investments from the least animal-friendly to the most animal-friendly projects and publicly traded companies
  2. Rate publicly traded companies from a vegan / animal-friendly viewpoint in order to to facilitate well-informed decision-making
  3. Protect investors and public by providing vegan research and analysis
  4. Contribute to good pricing and allocation of assets by reporting decision-useful information to investors
  5. Help companies to improve their procedures and structure by scoring and rating them from a vegan / animal-friendly viewpoint among a peer group inside their industry in comparison with their competitors
  6. Help companies to develop innovative products by decreasing their dependence on animals
  7. Help companies to maintain and improve their intangible assets as goodwill and reputation by enhancing business ethics
  8. Foster long-term market returns and accountancy returns by promoting the disclosure and management of vegan key performance indicators
  9. Contribute to a long-term growth economy less dependent on animals
  10. Contribute to climate change mitigation: stopping animal exploitation could reduce by one third of gas emission (see article)
  11. Contribute to a better environment, with less greenhouse gas emission, more water savings, and waste reduction
  12. Contribute to a better society more respectful of the living beings and the nature