Why is your website in English whereas your ratings concern French companies?

The website is in English to be understandable to most people, among which investors, investment analysts, portfolio manager who usually speak English. We started with French companies because of our knowledge of French economy. After France we prioritize countries where market capitalization is the highest in a more classical way: United States, China, Japan, (France), Canada, Germany, etc.

Market capitalization of domestic listed companies (source: World Bank).

Why is Auchan not listed on your French vegan rating whereas the famous supermarkets Carrefour and Casino are?

The Vegan rating analyzes only publicly traded companies for now. Auchan is a private company therefore it is out of our field of study. Auchan as Leroy Merlin and Boulanger privately belong to the Mulliez family (Northern France).

Due to the huge amount of companies in the world, we made the choice to rate in priority listed companies because as these companies profit from public savings to finance themselves, they have the obligation to disclose all material information that can have an impact on their financial situation and business operations according to the US Security laws and most of countries’ regulation. As an additional paid service, Vegan Finance LLC can analyze private companies. Please send us an email at contact@veganfinance.org if you have such a need.

If I am an investor or a company’s manager, can I register for free as an individual?

Yes, absolutely. The only condition to consult our analysis and reports is to register at least as a free member. Of course, the paying levels offer additional specific services to sponsors, investors and rated companies: more explanations on the ratings, priority in rating, priority in data maintenance, consultancy to improve the company’s procedures, products and services to become more vegan and animal compliant or friendly by researching and proposing alternatives, substitutive and innovative methods.

If I make a donation, can I have a tax deduction? Is Vegan Finance a non-profit organization or a charity?

Donations are not tax-deductible since Vegan Finance is not a non-profit organization, nor a charity. Vegan Finance LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered in the United States. We made this choice to be able to finance ourselves on a long-term by providing additional paid services to investors and companies when we will reach enough visibility. In the start-up phase, receiving some contributions from the public is helpful to expand and maintain our vegan ratings in the most financially significant areas as in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

I am a Vegan, I would like to help. What can I do?

The simplest way to help is to register and read for free our reports. If you like our work you can speak about our site around you. Another way is to communicate us insights on publicly rated companies (e.g. original new public information that few people know) or if you have some time you may try to analyze some companies using our methodology (which is published on our site) and send your work to us for review, discussion, and publication. We can insert your name for each analysis you do if you wish or if it might help you in anyway. According to your financial means and satisfaction, a donation always helps to alleviate costs and stimulate expansion: for website maintenance and development, research and investigation, and new projects to stimulate vegan innovations inside companies.