ScoreRatingConditionExemple 1Exemple 2
+2Végan#Zero harm on animals, veganism is integrated in the business model, vegan activities are material
#Or zero harm with significant beneficial actions for animals

A car company that does not use animal leather and has developed innovative vegan products as animal detection to avoid collision with animals. Its environmental performance is on the upwards.A clothing company that does not use animal products and sells innovative vegan products made with synthetic down or premium synthetic leather
+1Conforme végan#Zero harm on animals either by direct activity, value-chain, sponsoring or financing
An IT consulting company that does not directly exploit animals and has no indirect impact on animals through sponsoringA clothing company that has definitely stopped selling products made from animal sources (no leather, no down, no feather, no skins, no fur, etc.)
0Transition / Neutral#Some harm with high animal-welfare standards
#Or neutral-for-animal industry but some harm is due to sponsoring or ESG issues
#If there is any animal harm, no total offset is possible, the company can never be rated vegan compliant
Une société d'énergie non-renouvelable qui a commencé sa transition vers des énergies renouvelablesA clothing company that still sells down jacket, with animal-welfare standards that guarantee no live pluck and no forced-feed, and has committed to stop the use of animal products at a close date in the future
-1Non conforme végan#Massive harm on animals with some animal-welfare standards and commitments measurable by metrics
#Or the activity causes occasional harm and is not a core business
An oil company that makes hydraulic fracking and has not significantly start its transition to renewables energiesUne société de vêtement qui vend des parkas faits de duvet mais qui respecte des standards de bien-être animal garantissant l'absence de plumage à vif et de gavage
-2Non végan#Animal exploitation / suffering is a core business or an indirect consequence of the activity
#Or Massive or repeated harm
#Or no / weak commitments, no measurable outcomes, weak results
A pharmaceutical company that still does tests on animals after years of commitment to reduce and replaceUne société de vêtements qui vend des parkas en duvet issu de canards qui ont été gavés ou plumés vivants


Les activités néfastes ci-dessous auront les scores suivants par défaut:

ScoreRatingActivités néfastes qui doivent être exclues des investissements vegan
-2Non végantuerie animale (ex: la chasse)
-2Non végananimaux tués pour de la nourriture (industries de la viande et de la pêche)
-2Non végananimaux tués pour leurs peaux (industries du cuir, de la fourrure)
-2Non véganexpérimentation animale (industries pharmaceutiques)
-2Non végananimaux exploités pour de le divertissement (cirque, delphinarium)
-2Non véganindustrie d'arrmement


Un système de bonus / malus est appliqué au score:

Ajouter ou retrancherDescriptionCondition
+1BONUSSi récemment (depuis le dernier document de référence connu à date) une action significative a été réalisée pour le bénéfice des animaux
-1PENALITESi récemment (depuis le dernier document de référence connu à date) une action néfaste a été faite à l'encontre des animaux


Harmfulness evaluation takes into account Absolute Values [AV] (ex: how many USD millions of revenue comes from animal exploitation) and Relative Values [RV] that impact animals (ex: which percentage of revenue is the result of animal exploitation)

Hereunder indicators and thresholds are indicative and non-binding to the vegan rating analyst that considers other factors, among which qualitative (ex: improvements, policy evolution) to decide on the final rating:

Absolute Values [AV] thresholdsScoreRating
Harmful-for-animals Revenue  < $100K0Neutral / Transitional
Harmful-for-animals Revenue  >= $100K and < $ 1 million1Non Compliant
Harmful-for-animals Revenue  >= $ 1 million-2Non végan
Relative values [RV] thresholdsScoreRating
Harmful-for-animals Percentage of Revenue  < 1%0Neutral / Transitional
Harmful-for-animals Percentage of Revenue  >= 1% and < 10%-1Non Compliant
Harmful-for-animals Percentage of Revenue  >= 10%-2Non végan