Rated for year 2017: Neutral

Score: 0

Industry: Electric Utilities



The company’s business lines are electricity, energy and nuclear plants, which potentially engender direct significant negative impact on the environment, and indirectly on animals.

We regret a diminution of the environmental performance from 2015 to 2016: increase of non-hazardous waste by 60%; increase by 46% of very low-level solid radioactive waste, although we remark a decrease by 9% of short-lived low and intermediate-level solid radioactive waste (p 218 of 2016 registration document). Besides, nuclear energy is still used (new EPR nuclear plant designed in 2015 with AREVA): the transition to renewable energy is still difficult due to an important portfolio of nuclear plants. The nuclear electricity business does not harm directly animals but the waste and radioactive waste pollutes or may severely pollute environment and animals’ space of living.

Among beneficial aspects for animals, we notice: some sponsorship for biodiversity (restauration of mangrove swamp estero isla juan venado in Nicaragua); two green bonds raised of €1.4bn and $1.25bn in 2013 and 2015: the proceeds are exclusively invested in renewable energy projects (solar, onshore wind, biomethane) (the elected projects are listed on p 502 of the 2016 registration document). No sponsorship against animal welfare was found.

The 2017 rating is neutral because of the balanced duality between the old trend (nuclear) and the new trend (renewable energies).

BENEFICIAL ASPECTS:  clean energy investing




EDF 2016 registration document