Rated for year 2017: Non vegan

Score: -2

Industry: automobiles



Use of leather seats. Cars massively kill people and animals on the road – too few action are done to prevent this. We expect the integration of animal detection system as the Volvo’s innovation. Better environmental performance: diminution of waste production by 4% between 2015 and 2016 (p 51 of 2016 registration document). “Diesel Gate”: judicial investigations against Renault on the ground of “deceit in respect of the material qualities and on the checks carried out, these facts having led to the products being harmful to human and animal health” (p 90 of 2016 registration document) . Some biodiversity actions were made since 2008 as the protection of 1.5 million sq.m. in Curitiba, Brazil (170 species of animal concerned) (p 194 of 2016 registration document). Hazardous waste: + 11% vs +5% only recycled hazardous waste (p 182 of 2016 Registration document). Emissions per vehicle produced: diminution from 0,43 to 0,39 (p 173 of 2016 registration document).


HARMFUL ASPECTS: animal skins industry client and animal killing



leather use

RENAULT 2016 registration document