Rated for year 2017: Vegan friendly

Score: +2

Industry:  Construction Materials / Glass industry


Vegan innovative product special glass “4bird” has been designed to prevent birds’ collision (other example from Switzerland competitor ORNILUX, Arnold GLAS).

Note: Birds are killed because of transparency (they see through the glass) / reflection (they see for instance the reflection of a tree and are attracted by it) / light (birds and also insects are attracted by the light especially at night) – the amount of birds killed is huge: some specialist assert that birds’ death due to glass is more important than due to oil spill.

Better environmental performance from 2015 to 2016 (p 112 of 2016 registration document): water consumption -19%, GHG emission +3%, quantity of non-recovered hazardous production waste – 12%. Biodiversity : “The actions taken since 1990 have made it possible to restore 60 hectares, previously dedicated to gypsum mining, in order to create various ecosystems including a forest of 70,000 trees” (p 81 of 2016 registration document).

GHG: Greenhouse Gas

BENEFICIAL ASPECTS:  No direct exploitation of animals and innovative bird proctection product and better environmental performance

HARMFUL ASPECTS: pollution risk


Survey on glass as danger for birds (French)

SAINT-GOBAIN 2016 registration document