Vegan Finance LLC (VF) is a registered company in Wyoming (United States) since 2018, and delivers consulting services to:

Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) – to facilitate engagement with financial institutions, corporates and financial regulators on animal-welfare and animal rights;

Financial Advisers (FA) – to draft investment principles and policies incorporating animal-related factors; to formulate a mandate that integrates animal issues; to include anilmals factors in their offer and advice with institutional and retail investors;

Asset Owners (AO) / Asset Managers (AM) – portfolio selection and analysis to comply with animal-welfare, animal rights and veganism; green / social / sustainable bond’s use of proceeds analysis; engagement with investees on animal issues; proposing new products starting with listed equities and expanding to fixed-income and other assets classes; enhancing evaluation methodologies from animals rights and a vegan perspective;

For membership and fees questions or specific research, please contact us at: