Rated for year 2021: Vegan friendly

Score: +2

Industry: Automobile Manufacturers


Animal direct Issues:

The company has 3 revenue streams. Each stream will be discussed solely in order to rate the company’s compliance with animal-welfare, animal rights and veganism.

  1. Automotive revenue: Tesla has currently 4 car models in the market. Model S, model X, model 3 and model Y. In the first two models (S and X), the company was offering a vegan friendly car option to their customers in 2016.  But starting from the model 3 in 2019, Tesla has decided that all their cars will be 100% vegan compliant, with completely leather free interiors, which makes the Tesla model 3 and model Y 100% vegan.  To confirm this claim, VF team contacted Tesla’s various sales stores across the USA, who confirmed that all Tesla cars are 100% vegan. Moreover, they have confirmed that there is no possibility to purchase a car with animal leather on.
  2. Energy business revenue: Although the energy business may not be as large as other business sectors such as the automotive, it’s still playing a very important role in the company’s ultimate goal of transitioning the world from fossil fuels to a clean and renewable energy. Furthermore, all the batteries used at Tesla cars are made of lithium-ion which is recyclable. Battery materials are refined and put into a cell, and will still remain in the cell at the end of their life, when they can be recycled to recover valuable materials for reuse over and over again. It is also important to note that Tesla has a policy on conflict minerals.
  3. Services and other revenue: Repair and maintenance services, extended service plans, sales of merchandises, sales of used Tesla vehicles, and recently investing in Bitcoin. It is important to highlight that Tesla has stopped accepting Bitcoin in may 2021 as a mean of payment, because of the its mining activity that uses fossil fuel, which negatively impact the environment.

Final Rating

According to Zero Harm principle and because Tesla is a vegan leader and promoter, Tesla is rated vegan friendly, with a +2 score as its activities do not harm animals either by direct activities, value-chain, sponsoring or financing and because since 2019 all Tesla cars are made with 100% vegan leather with no possibility to buy any Tesla car with animal leather option. This point has been confirmed by Tesla sales following VF inquiries.

BENEFICIAL ASPECTS: Zero Harm impact on animals; Vegan leader in the industry since 2016; 100% vegan business model. No possibility to buy cars with leather inside.



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